Gear & Apps

Here are some recommended items that you may find useful

Drone Pilot Canada

Planning and mission software developed in partnership with Don Joyce from The Drone Pilot Association of Canada specifically for Canadian Drone pilots.


High visibility safety vest with DRONE PILOT prominent on the lower back. Two styles of yellow and orange available.

AirData Drone Management

The go-to source for automatic log entries, maintenance tracking, auto-synch with your drone, and much more.

Waterproof Case

Protect and secure your drone from the wear associated with travel. Many styles and sizes are available for your application.

Drone Skins & Wraps

Having trouble seeing your drone at long ranges? Want to customize your look? These easy-to-apply skins & wraps are great for safety or personalization.

Safety Vest

Stay safe and look official when operating your drone. An industry standard vest is a critical part of your gear.

GetterBack Water Recovery System

If you operate over water, consider getting this depth-activated floating retrieval system.

Tablet Holder For DJI Remote Control

If you like a bigger screen when you’re flying, try a tablet holder from PGYTECH that can hold up to a 10″ tablet. Multiple configurations possible.

Weighted Double Sided Landing Pad

Easily keep your landing pad from blowing away. Also useful to pad down long grass. High visibility for both day and night operations.

Phantom Rain Products

From wetsuits that let you operate in the rain to floatation devices for deliberate over-water operations. Take a look at Phantom Rain’s innovative products.

Propeller Guards

Consider some propeller guards for piece of mind when operating indoors or close to obstacles.

Digital Anemometer Wind Gauge

An easy and economic way to check the local wind speed to ensure you stay within manufacture limits.

MicroSD Memory Cards

Ensure you have memory cards with the right processing speed for your application. Also, consider using numerous smaller cards for each mission instead of fewer large cards to mitigate data corruption.

Memory Card Holder

After putting in the work to ensure you have the right memory cards, ensure you protect them with an all-weather carry case.

Low-Noise Propellers

We all need to replace our propellers from time to time. Consider buying some low-noise replacements from DJI when the time comes.


Get yourself a good weatherproof headlamp with red light capability for low-light conditions and night operations. If it comes with a spare, so much better.

Snaplight Glow Stick

Case a selection of Snaplight glow sticks. They are great for marking your path, obstacles, or where you set your gear. With 12 hours of use, you will run out of energy before they do without battery power.


A great free online weather application that works from your PC or phone. Multiple weather models available for weather, winds, pressure, and more.

AeroWeather App

Current precise weather for locations close to you. Both through raw aviation and decoded format. Free and Pro formats available.

UAV Forecast App

See the weather forecast, GPS satellites, solar activity (Kp), No-Fly Zones and flight restrictions, all in one convenient tool. Free and Pro formats available.

Lichi For DJI Drones

For more advanced DJI users, Litchi unlocks the potential of your drone. Flight planning, waypoints, image analysis, 360 degree panaoramas and more.

AV World

A large Canadian company for pilot and aviation-related merchandise beside Toronto’s Pearson International Airport.

Aircraft Spruce

Everything from radios to building supplies to logbooks are available through Aircraft Spruce. A mainstay in the aviation industry since 1956.


Sporty’s has been a major player in the industry for decades. Equipment, training aids, and online courseware are all available through this well-known online retailer.

Maps Made Easy

Aerial map processing and fight control. Orthophoto Maps and 3D Models. You take the images and they handle the processing and data management.

Adobe Photoshop Elements

Adobe Photoshop is well-known as the go-to software for photo manipulation. Elements is a lighter version of Photoshop, has fewer features, and is designed for novice editors or amateurs. A great place to start.

Adobe Premier Elements

What Photoshop did for pictures, Premier does for videos & movies. Premiere Elements offers basic, intuitive features so beginners can edit videos fast.

Adobe Stock

Sell your photos and videos! If you have high-quality photos, videos, or vector content, and you own all the rights, you can sign up to become an Adobe Stock artist with your Adobe ID and start uploading.


Quickly upload and submit your content, create and share your personalized portfolio page, and easily track your earnings with our smart tools. They offer tools, tips, and support to help artists around the world earn even more.

Getty Images iStock

Part of the Getty Images empire, iStock is a creative community where top brands, global media, and leading advertising agencies can see your content. Earn money every time they license one of your photos, videos, or illustrations.

Wireless HDMI Display Adapter

The easy way to broadcast what’s on your controller onto a big screen for everyone to see. Also great for instructors teaching new student controller function for the first time.

VMAN Precision Screwdriver Set

The screwdriver that comes with DJI products isn’t the greatest. Consider buying yourself a precision screwdriver set from VMAN. Multiple head types in multiple sizes: Flathead, JIS, Hex, Phillips, Torx. Small easy-to-carry case with good reviews on Amazon.

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